Performance Solution Assessments

Performance solutions can be performed for most parts of the NCC, we specialise in Energy Efficiency Performance Solutions for both Residential and Commercial buildings. These assessments are the go to assessment for buildings that do not ‘fit in the box’ so to speak, it could be their design is unusual, large, or we are seeking a more cost effective build than what our standard modelling can achieve. These assessments use specialised software to model each building and compare it to a ‘Reference Building’ as set out by the NCC and if the energy use is shown to be less than that of the reference building, compliance can be met.

Residential Performance Solutions in accordance with NCC Volume 2 Part P2.6.1 & P2.6.2

Commercial Performance Solution in according with NCC Volume 1 Section J - JV3 Verification of Reference Building

Recent work completed


Due to complex design this project was not well suited to NCC or Software modelling, a Performance Solution solved the issues and made the project more affordable to build.


Glazing facade calculators do not always work with commercial tenancies. Performance Solutions fill the gap to enable compliance.


Complex design meant NCC and Software Modelling was showing ultra high spec windows, a Performance SOlution helped keep the windows at a decent specification and allowed optimisation of the house.


Due to the extent of renovation in this house it required out-of-the-box thinking. Using a Performance Solution we managed to get a great result for the client and keep the project on budget.