Residential Energy Ratings

Residential Energy Ratings (CLASS 1a, 2 & 4) can be performed a number of different ways as seen below.
Most commonly we rate with NATHERS software looking to obtain a min. 6 star rating for all new homes (soon to be 7).
While this works for most, it does not work for all, it’s important to have an accredited knowledgeable assessor look at your project to ensure best practice.
The difference between a good and bad assessment can be costly once you get to build stage, unknowingly agreeing to specifications that you may not fully understand.

Our process takes you through a simple easy to understand approach where we assess the drawings supplied using either the drawing specifications or a predetermined ‘standard spec’ which then gives us a preliminary rating to discuss with you the client; so that you understand exactly what we will end up signing off.

Types of Residential Ratings:

Deemed to Satisfy Elemental Provisions Rating

– Fast turnaround
– Lightweight report
– Cost efficient

– Strict in approach
– cannot trade of building area’s
– Windows can be expensive

NatHERS 6 Star Energy Rating

– Flexible specification approach
– Middle of the road cost wise
– More holistic approach
– Fast turnaround time

– Has limitations in regards to larger homes and lots of windows
– Must reach 6 Star min. Residential Performance Solution

Performance Solution

Read more about performance solutions here

– ultimate flexibility
– can reduce glazing costs significantly

– Turnaround is slower
– Cost is a lot higher Residential Renovation or Extension

Residential Renovation or Extension

There are a number of different ways to rate these, using one or a combination of the previous assessments depending on the size and type of extension/renovation.

This is also state dependent as different area’s have different rules.


Recent work completed

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7.3 Star New Home

Hempcrete House with Wafflepod slab and UPVC Glazing

6.0 Star Extension

Relined walls with insulation, new aluminium double glazed windows. Retained cladding, roof structure, slab and front door.

6.4 Star New Home

Project spec home with nominal specifications.

6.1 Star New Home

Large single storey dwelling in cool climate. Nominal specification.