The Team

Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience in this field

Torple is multi-disciplinary where we use construction knowledge and familiar service to keep it customer centric and budget orientated.

Having started Energy Rating back in 2010 when Energy Efficiency was just starting to be spoken about, but knowledge was hard to come by. Toby has built the company up over the years to be able to handle large jobs but kept the business small enough to offer tailored and customised service where necessary.

The last few years has seen a bigger push into planning with SDA, BESS and WSUD assessments to complement the service that torple offers.

Being known for tough projects we have enabled architects to build large glass buildings over our time.

Torple is completely independent from builders, manufacturers and energy companies, which makes our assessments unbiased and are always completed on a ‘best practices’ basis.


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Torple Energy Ratings

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